Why Blog?

Early on, we decided as a team to dedicate a lot of time and energy to communicating our ideas. Too often, I’ve joined a discord for x reason (maybe it was because of the art, or perhaps I was just early) and was told to just “vibe.” I had no idea what I was building towards: What was the roadmap? What is the team’s strategy for growth? Why did the team decide to market this way rather than that? This idea seems interesting; how’d they come up with it/why’d they come up with it?

We strive to be as transparent as possible, and a key element to transparency is access to information. We want to allow everyone to read about who we are, what we want to achieve, and how we plan on achieving it.

To do this, we have implemented Original Nomads Blog Posts.

Why we chose Blogging:

The reason which we have chosen to write blogs to convey all of our information is that we believe it to be the best of all mediums in this regard:

  1. It is the most straightforward and most efficient format to create in.
  2. The written word requires active engagement. To understand the terms set out before you, you need to be trying to understand the information.

What to expect

(1) Digestibility

Our content will be easy to consume. Each read is anywhere between 1–3 minutes, with the topics of more importance running a little bit longer. We already know that everyone has five monitors and 30 tabs open. We promise not to take too much of your time.

(2) Access

Our website will house our library of content, with links to each article in the discord. If you have any questions, that’s the first place to look. A lot of mind space gets lost when people leave the immediate moment. When someone goes to our website and wants to know more about anything related to our project, we want that information to be readily available. Plans include language translations to cater to our international community members.

Regardless of whether you were here from the beginning or if you’re just now finding out about Original Nomads, there will always be an updated written record of our ideas, progress, goals, and accomplishments.

(3) Community-Driven Blogs

The workflow of writing a blog is an efficient means of delivering information at volume. Aside from what we have prepared, we can efficiently address recurring questions and continue an ongoing conversation with the community.

Happy Reading!

Until your last blog,





An NFT collection built for interoperability, utility, and community 🐺 Wandering through the Metaverse 🏴

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Original Nomads

Original Nomads

An NFT collection built for interoperability, utility, and community 🐺 Wandering through the Metaverse 🏴

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